Events organization

  • Organisation of a round table on the topic of the social innovation in Luxembourg in the frame of the 6th edition of the exchange day on the social sector organised by Tudor and the Resonord (Regionale Sozialzenter Norden) in Hosingen in October 2014. Project MEDiATE will be presented and discussed together with its potential for improvement of the help to the social workers
  • Organisation of the side event “Interoperability APIs and LivingLabs for AAL” in the frame of AAL forum in September 2014. The link to the official site referring to the event is the following camera- Several consortium partners took part in the event and MEDiATE project was presented there.
  • As part of theOpenLivingLab Days 2014, Tudor (now LIST) coorganised with CCC the workshop"International Living Lab for products and services for elders and their autonomy" on September 4, 2014 in Amsterdam
  • Organisation of a closed workshop with industrial partners on August, 26th of 2014, to discuss opportunities to demonstrate the MEDiATE platform functionalities

AAL related events

  • Participation to the" future proof AAL system" in Brussels in November 2013
  • Participation to "AAL JP/ JPND expert workshop" in Amsterdam in January 2014
  • Participation to the "Reinforce the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)" event in Brussels in February 2014
  • Participation to AAL forum in September 2013 with the presentation of a poster on MEDiATE services
  • Participation to AAL forum in September 2014 with the presentation of the Architecture of MEDiATE solution in the form of a poster in a dedicated session on Interoperability issues and solution
  • Participation to the European Regions conference in Brussel in October 2014

Presentations of the project

  • Participation to the Swiss congress on Gerontology from the 29-31th January 2014
  • Presentation of MEDiATE project at “Salon de la Santé et de l’Autonomie 21st may 2014 and at the salon "Carreau du Temple" specialised for elderly people in Paris in June 2014
  • Presentation of MEDiATE project in the frame of the “Journée des aidants” event organised by the PGI with the financial support of the Comité Régional de Coordination de l’Action Sociale Bourgogne Franche-Comté on 10th October 2013 in Chalon sur Saône, on the 10th October 2014 in Belfort (90) and on the 13th October 2014 in Chalon sur Saône
  • Participation to the Copil meeting of the OneMoreLife Community the 12th December 2014



  • Workshop groups during the respite stays organised by DMMR and CCC in August 2013 and DMMR, CCC, EGLU and Tudor (now LIST) in August 2014
  • Workshop dedicated to informal carers in September and Octobre 2013, organised by the PGI, and others in October and November 2013 by the FST
  • Focus groups with seniors and carers animated by the PGI in 2013 for the GIE Impa, IRV, CCAS of Dijon and Besançon, Espace Senior and Alzeihmer Cote d’Or associations
  • Workshop with formal carers organised by the FST in April 2014
  • Presentation of the project by the PGI to the Matinale de la silver economie on 28th January
  • 2014 in Paris, the AGE platform meeting on the 7th October 2014 and on the AFNOR meeting
  • on the Silver economy the 11th December 2014
  • Presentation of MEDiATE project to the « Réseau des villes de l’Arc jurassien Suisse » by the FST in mai 2014, and to the municipality of Norddjurs by EGLU

Public administration

  • DMMR and CCC have presented the Ambient Assisted Living topic and MEDiATE project to French rapporteur of the parliament Martine Pinville on the draft law on the adaptation of the aging society at official parliamentary hearing on 24th June 2014
  • Other work meetings followed on 30th of June, 2nd and 8th of July to include MEDiATE outcomes, in term of changes needed for the law, in the form of an amendment, to facilitate exchange of information among carers

Scientific publications

  • W. Aggoune-Mtalaa, R. Aggoune, “An optimization algorithm to schedule care for the elderly at home” International Journal of Information Science and Intelligent Systems, 3(3): 41-50, 2014
  • W. Aggoune-Mtalaa, D. Nicolas, Y. Djaghloul, D. Khadraoui, H. Ayed “Towards a better interoperability of platforms dedicated to seniors: the MEDiATE system architecture” Proceedings of the AAL Forum, Bucharest, Romania, 2014
  • W. Aggoune-Mtalaa, D. Nicolas, Y. Djaghloul, D. Khadraoui, H. Ayed, S. Sondergard, S. Smidtas “The MEDiATE Approach for the collaboration of heterogeneous Elderly Platforms: first Results” Proceedings of the third International Conference on Informatics and Engineering and Information Science, Poland, 2014
  • W. Aggoune-Mtalaa, D. Nicolas, Y. Djaghloul, R. Aggoune, H. Ayed, D. Khadraoui “Planning and recommendation services for the coordination of the help around the elderly person: First Results of MEDiATE project, Proceeding of the International workshop on Advance’s in ICT infrastructures and services, 2014
  • L. Massa, P. Rossel, L. Jodet, “Business Model Design for network and value exchange orchestration – a new framework and application to MEDIATE, an innovative ICT platform for healthcare services to the elderly”. CSI-EPFL Working Paper series in business modelling in the Silver economy No 1 (Lausanne, EPFL), 2015
  • L. Massa, “A comparative analysis of elderly and technology projects in the context of AAL-EU projects: putting the MEDiATE concept into perspective”. CSI-EPFL Working Paper series in business modelling in the Silver economy No 2 (Lausanne, EPFL), 2015
  • P. Rossel, L. Massa, “Why the canvass approach does not match with elderly-centered social care business models?” CSI-EPFL Working Paper series in business modelling in the Silver economy No 3 (Lausanne, EPFL), 2015
  • P. Rossel, L. Massa, “From business modelling to business exploitation for ICT-enabled social care for the elderly: defining the hierarchy for two layers –global and local- and two directions -1.0 and 2.0- , of services involved”. CSI-EPFL Working Paper series in business modelling in the Silver economy No 4 (Lausanne, EPFL), 2015
  • Hédi Ayed, Damien Nicolas, Djamel Khadraoui, MEDiATE Learning Capability EcoSystem (Collaborative and interMEdiating solution for Managing Daily Activities for The Elderly at home) ICALT 2016, Austin, US
  • Damien Nicolas, Hédi Ayed, Djamel Khadraoui, The MEDiATE Architecture: A secure and highly distributed approach for improving collaboration between heterogeneous platforms, SAI 2016, London, UK
  • Djamel Khadraoui, Damien Nicolas, Hédi Ayed, Collaborative and brokerage platform for managing daily activities for The elderly at home, ICT4AWE, Roma, Italy
  • Djamel Khadraoui, Hédi Ayed, Damien Nicolas, MEDiATE: Towards a smart brokerage market place for AAL based services, Smart 2016
  • Hédi Ayed, Djamel Khadraoui, Damien Nicolas, MEDiATE: Improving Interoperability between heterogenous platform based on Multi-Agents Systems IS’16, Sophia

Dissemination public deliverable

eLearning material #1: Mobility of the Elderly, moving inside, going outside

eLearning material #2: Coping with sleeping difficulties

eLearning material #3: Nutrition issues, Elders matter with eating