The primary objective of MEDiATE is to reinforce collaboration and coordination capacities within senior-centered ecosystems, and therefore increasing chances enabling the elderly to stay at home in good conditions, thanks to a platform capable of interconnecting heterogeneous communication platforms and systems, with all their embedded services, from entertainment and basic daily life message exchange to service request options and alerting schemes.

Subsidiary objectives are to develop :
1)    functions substantiating this senior-care support platform on top of other existing platform, or as an option, in case there is no such platform, to be a possible substitute so as to guarantee basic coordination services ;
2)    relevant and supportive elearning capacities ;
3)    local level and meta-level services and partnerships, up to pan-European scale of effectdiveness, with a main player taking up MEDiATE and able to disseminate it through local licenses, yet benefitting from inputs and service proposals from these same local partners to be further dispatched over the entire MEDiATE community.